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Anthracnose in Tomatoes


by Karen Weiland, Advanced Master Gardener


Anthracnose can be a major problem in growing tomatoes.  There are three steps to understanding and managing this disease.  First, you need to Anthracnose2understand how the disease cycle works.  Second, you need to know how to recognize the symptoms and third, you need to know how to apply good cultural practices to avoid this disease.

Anthracnose is a type of soil borne fungus that lives and gets its nourishment from host tissue, in this case, tomato fruit.  Fungi reproduce by spores and are spread by wind, water and even the tools you use in your garden.  Once on the host, ...

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Garlic Mustard

by Karen Weiland, Advanced Master Gardener   A friend and I were recently talking about weeds and the subject of garlic mustard and how invasive it can be, came up.  I have to admit that I have heard the term and knew that there were organized garlic mustard pulls, but I did not take the …

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For the Love of Peonies

by Karen Weiland, Advanced Master Gardener     Peonies are a perennial favorite in my flower garden and were named the official flower for the State of Indiana in 1957.  They grow and flower regularly, some for over 50 years and are quite capable of outliving the gardeners who plant them.  Have you ever driven …

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How to Handle Suckering Plants

by Karen Weiland, Advanced Master Gardener   Lilacs are known for what is called “sucker growth”.  This is when the plant sprouts new growth from the root system.  Some varieties are more prone to this than others, so to minimize suckering, choose varieties that generally sucker less.  Do some research before making your purchase. Generally, …

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