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Dealing with Spider Mites

by Karen Weiland,  Advanced Master Gardener   Spider Mites are 8 legged pests that can seriously threaten the health of plants.  They feed on plant leaves by piercing the tissue and sucking out the green liquid inside.    Spider mites are not fussy about what they feed on as they like both indoor and outdoor plants. …

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June Gardening Reminders

by Karen Weiland, Advance Master Gardener     Here are a few tasks that you can do to help keep your gardens looking their best throughout the season. Keep an eye on those chrysanthemums.  They need to be trimmed until about the fourth of July to insure their bushiness and to promote many blooms.  Allow …

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Creating a Cutting Garden

by Karen Weiland, Advanced Master Gardener     I like to grow flowers for the display of color they add to my landscape and I also like to grow them to cut, arrange in bouquets and bring into my house.  So therein lies my dilemma – I want cutting flowers but I do not want …

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