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Good Bugs

  By Karen Weiland, Advanced Master Gardener   Not all bugs are bad guys.  Some are beneficial pollinators and natural enemies of insect pests in our gardens. Many of the crawly, flying critters in our gardens work day and night crusading against evildoers like the beetle larvae, whiteflies, scale, caterpillars, grubs and aphids. Predatory insects …

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5 Tips for Shopping the Midwest’s Largest Flea Market

Visiting the Midwest’s Largest Flea Market in Shipshewana, Indiana can be a little overwhelming at first. With hundreds of booths to shop and so much to see, do and eat, we’d thought we would reach out to our frequent visitors and ask, “What are your best tips & tricks to navigating or shopping the flea …

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Luring Butterflies with Late Bloomers

by Karen Weiland, Advanced Master Gardener     There are many plants other than the traditional garden mums that save their best show for last.  You can extend the flowering season by adding a few of these “late bloomers” to your garden and at the same time provide nectar for traveling butterflies.  We usually see …

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Rabbit Resistant Plants

by Karen Weiland, Advanced Master Gardener   This spring I potted up some gorgeous annuals which were growing very nicely in the repurposed chicken feeder I found at a farm auction.  The red, white and blue color scheme I chose was going to look great for the Fourth of July holiday.  One morning when I …

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Fairy Rings in Turfgrass

By Karen Weiland, Advanced Master Gardener     During the spring or summer you may have noticed rings of lush growing grass in the lawn.  This ring is a turf disease called fairy ring. There are three kinds of fairy rings.  One kind appears as lush growing grass, another as just a ring of mushrooms …

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