10 Ways To Unplug In Shipshewana, Indiana

In many vacation destinations, adding more digital technology can make trip experiences less personable and more about being quick. Shipshewana is one of the few exceptions to that trend, where simple living is all we know. Making it the perfect destination to unplug. Check out these 10 ways to “unplug” in Shipshewana, Indiana:

1. Hollow Ridge Lodging

Hollow Ridge - Digital Detox

Whether you’re trying to pry the phone out of your kid’s hands or want to escape your daily reality, a few days here could be healthy, but where should you stay? Hollow Ridge Lodging is a great place to relax and rejuvenate in an Amish owned, wooded setting surrounded by whitetail deer. Their cabins have all the essential necessities like a full bath, linens, even campfire wood; but you won’t find a TV or Wi-Fi connection. The next morning wake up and smell the coffee, it goes great with Katie’s tasty homemade cinnamon rolls.

2. Dutch Creek Animal Park

Now that you’re fueled for the day, the hard part is deciding what you want to do next. Dutch Creek Animal Park is one of our most popular stops here, perfect for any age of animal lover. Hop on the safari-style wagon to tour the grounds full of exotic animals from all over the world. You even get a bucket of feed to give to the animals, cause trust me their tongues will come reaching for some. After the ride, stroll through the petting zoo area to get even more up close and personal. You’ll be so intrigued, you’ll forget you’re “unplugged.”

3. LaGrange County Parks

Many people aren’t aware of how beautiful our county parks are here, and we have five to choose from. There’s anything from walking trails, disc golf, playgrounds, and even a beach on Dallas Lake for those hot, sunny days. And if you’re lucky enough, you won’t have any cell service.

4. Pumpkinvine Nature Trail

Biker on Pumpkinvine Trail

Can’t get enough nature? Take a bike ride on the Pumpkinvine Trail. It’s an easy ride since the trail is paved and has lots of shaded spots, making it perfect to take in the scenery and the many Amish farms you’ll pass. No room to pack a bike? No problem, there are a couple of places in Shipshewana with bike rentals for your convenience.

5. Shopping

Shopping - aprons

If you make your way into Shipshewana, head downtown for a full-days worth of shopping. Leave your phone in your car and stroll through the 50+ shops that line the streets. Each store has its own uniqueness and eclectic items that will keep you interested. It’s a perfect time to dust off your wallet.

6. Live Entertainment

Captivate your attention at one of our many live performances that happen year-round in Shipshewana. Whether you see one of Blue Gate Theatre’s famous musicals, a well-known performer at the Shipshewana Event Center, or a horse show at the Michiana Event Center; you’ll forget about that phone in your pocket.

7. Menno-Hof Museum


Shipshewana/LaGrange County has one of the largest Amish populations in the country, so why not learn about the unique culture while you’re here? The Menno-Hof Museum guides you through stories about the Amish, and some localized history as well, showing you videos along the way. Visit the simulated tornado room as well, that’ll be sure to blow the phone out of your hands! It’s the perfect stop to give you the background on the local culture.

8. Heron Creek Golf Course

Heron Creek Golf Course

Brush up on your golf skills at Heron Creek Golf Course in LaGrange, just minutes from the heart of Shipshewana. Play all 18 holes on the relaxing course at an affordable price. They run specials and events all the time, so call ahead, you may be coming on a perfect day.

9. Canoe/Kayak

Feeling adventurous? Head over to Trading Post Canoe, or T&L Country Canoes to ride down one of the scenic rivers. Whether you opt for a short float or an all-day river excursion, you’ll be in awe of the scenery here in LaGrange County. Make sure to protect your phones from getting wet, but more importantly, to keep them from bothering you.

10. Buggy Tour

To cap off a busy day, unwind on a buggy ride out to an in-home Amish meal. The driver will captivate your attention on the way to the home, before being welcomed by your host family. No, there’s no Wi-Fi connection at the house! Walk into the home and about 20 different mouth-watering smells hit your face before sitting down for a traditional Thrasher’s meal. As if the food wasn’t good enough, the hospitality and fellowship make the experience, not to mention no one is distracted by their phones. Finish up with a freshly baked dessert before rounding off the night with a buggy ride back to town.

These ideas are only to get your feet wet, there’s more than a day’s worth activities that will make you want to leave your phone behind.

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