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August Afternoon with a Traditional Amish Quilter

August 18.  Ah…bare feet on grass, shade breeze surrounding me, I plop onto a welcoming garden chair, catching my breath and soul after a fun but very busy week in Shipshewana quilt country. Amish Quilter’s Home on a quiet August afternoon I’m a long stone’s throw from my shop, sitting in a friend’s former Herb …

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Strawberry Season in Quilt Country

I snagged this beauty of Pennsylvania-German influence at the Shipshewana Antique Show this last busy 48-hour weekend. My first ever, strawberry quilt in 40 years of quilt hunting! Who would have guessed a somewhat rare strawberry quilt to show up during strawberry season! I may have to keep this one! “You never know,” I say to myself, “who, …

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Quilt News, Views and Stories from Shipshewana

Introducing Rebecca Haarar: Rebecca Haarer collects quilts, gives Amish Quilt Trunk Show presentations, owns Rebecca Haarer Arts and Antiques in Shipshewana, and loves living and sharing adventures in the Amish-Mennonite community in which she was born and raised. “Quilting in the Ditch” No, as you may wonder, I am not standing in water up to my waist protectively …

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