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Chelsi Warren is General Manager and Show Producer of her company Mountain of Entertainment Theater, as well as a talented performer in the shows they produce. Based in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, every December they travel to bring their show Noel to the Michiana Event Center in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Noel is a beloved annual tradition: this spectacular two-hour show full of nonstop fun and excitement tells the true story behind Christmas, and returns again in 2023. The amazing and uplifting show is filled with stunning aerialists, adorable animal performers, and nonstop equestrian adventures, featuring some of the most beautiful horses anywhere, along with incredibly talented riders from all around the world.

Chelsi is an awe-inspiring force of nature, and someone we knew we should all know more about. She’s graciously answered some of our questions, so read on to find out how she does it all:


Q: Can you give us a little background about your life, and your business?

A: My life is and has been a roller coaster as everyone’s lives are. Navigating down the path that God wants us to go. My path led me to a wonderful, talented, kindhearted man who has the same passions as I did. Hugh and I met in 2011 while performing together in Branson, Missouri.

Entertaining is in our blood and being able to share our love for the Lord in a different way to a multitude of people daily was always our goal. With a combined 45 years of entertaining experience God gave us an opportunity to start producing our own shows in 2015 with the goal of working together to create world class shows designed to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age. Noel in Shipshewana, Indiana is the product of that passion as well as our variety show Array in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

It is our desire to feature the best performers and for those performers to feel their genuine heartfelt appreciation. Equally important is for everyone that experiences one of our shows to not only be incredibly entertained, but to also leave with the knowledge that we truly have a heart to share God’s love with the world, and that regardless of who you are or where you’ve been, there is forgiveness and a purpose for your life that the creator planned for you from the beginning!

Q: What led you to choose the profession you did?

A: There are so many reasons that I love this profession.

-Creating memories for people. Sometimes this means creating new memories and feelings and other times it means bringing old memories back to life.

-To give people Joy and Laughter:

This is so important for people and how we can create these responses just by being us and loving what we do is a blessing and privilege. Joy is necessary in the life of a Christian as it is a sign of our salvation and one of the fruits of the spirit. It builds perseverance through trials, and it is important for the full life Jesus wants us to have.

Medically, laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain. They activate and relieve your stress response.

These are wins on both sides because we are being blessed to do what we love and in return helping others in a way they may not even know.

Q: What brings you to Shipshewana every December?

A: The People! Everyone knows that Shipshewana is a large Amish community with the key word being COMMUNITY! Some of our favorite people live in Shipshewana and their way of life is something to look up to and strive for in our everyday lives. The Amish are known for simple living, with a huge priority placed on not letting anything interrupt family time, nor replace face-to-face conversations whenever possible, and a view to maintain self-sufficiency. Family – A synonym for trust, comfort, love, care, happiness and belonging. And that is what you feel when you are in Shipshewana, who would want to miss out on that?

Q: What is your favorite part of the show Noel?

A: Our favorite part of Noel is getting to share the real reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ! He has blessed us more than we deserve and to be able to share that with others fills our hearts to overflowing! His birth and existence is Joy! To know that people are hurting throughout the world every day for various reason and all they need to change that is Joy. The answer to Joy is Jesus and sharing that answer to others is a privilege.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Shipshewana when you’re here, besides entertaining?

A: That’s easy! Visit with our Shipshe friends! Again, the feeling of family and community is huge in Shipshewana but that is because of the wonderful people that live there and we are blessed to be able to call them friends!

Q: Finally, what’s your favorite kind of pie?
A: Pumpkin. This seems like such a short answer compared to my others LOL!

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