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Fun Facts and Idea Starters


  • The first Amish settlers came to Shipshewana/LaGrange County from Pennsylvania in 1844.
  • Today, LaGrange and Elkhart Counties are home to the third largest Amish population in America.
  • Weddings are a huge celebration in the Amish culture. Some can last two or three days.
  • For Amish men, beards are an outward symbol of marital status. Just as a married person in mainstream culture wears a wedding band to symbolize union with another, a beard worn by an Amish man shows that he is married.

  • The Amish do not wear jewelry of any kind. They believe jewelry, including wedding bands, are tools of adornment and are too “worldly.”
  • The Amish are a group of Anabaptists known for their simple, old-fashioned way of living. They want to serve God and live in peace together.

  • Shipshewana, a town that’s well known for its buggies, has a collection of Hudson, Essex and Terraplane automobiles at Hostetlers Hudson Museum.
  • Amish Acres is an 80-acre farm and is the only Old Order Amish farm listed in the Register of Historic Places.
  • Auburns automobiles, and innovative front-drive Cords were designed, built, displayed and marketed in Auburn, Indiana until 1938, when the effects of the Great Depression brought an end to a transportation empire.
  • Visit the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum today in the original factory showroom of the former Auburn Automobile Company.
  • Wolcottville, a short drive from Shipshewana, is home to Indiana’s official Best of Bison Ranch – Cooks Bison Ranch. Stop by to feed the buffalo and enjoy the best local buffalo burger.

  • Heritage Trail — a 90-mile winding loop in Elkhart, IN — has been voted USA Today’s Reader Choice and named one of the nation’s “Most Scenic Drives” by editors of LIFE. While sight-seeing on the trail, take note of the 19 gigantic quilt gardens and 21 hand-painted murals. Every garden and mural has its own intricate pattern inspired by the colorful patchwork of traditional quilt designs.
  • The Blue Gate Theatre is located right in the heart of Amish Country in Shipshewana. This theatre hosts a wide array of performances on a weekly basis providing the best family friendly entertainment and sharing close proximity to the largest Flea Market in the Midwest.

  • In Shipshewana/ LaGrange County, you can travel through 500 years of the Amish/Mennonite history. Explore the cities and stop in at one of several local museums.
  • LaGrange County’s initial settlers were Yankee immigrants from New England and were descended from the English Puritans.

  • The Potawatomi Tribe inhabited the northwest corner of LaGrange County until 1837.
  • In 1844, the first Amish came from Pennsylvania to settle what eventually became Shipshewana.
  • LaGrange County was named after the home of Revolutionary War hero, the Marquis de la Fayette.

  • The Silver Lantern frequents a booth at the Shipshewana Flea Market and features a unique selection, from traditional to primitive home décor.
  • Lasting Impressions features handbags, jewelry, kitchen gadgets, and traditional home décor and gifts. Stop by and visit their store in Shipshewana.
  • Millies Candy and Nuts is the sweetest place in Shipshewana. Stop in for decadent chocolates, freshly roasted nuts, saltwater taffy, Jelly Belly, Shipshewana fudge, caramels, crunch, seasoned pretzels and other outrageously fun candy!

  • Beekeepers since 1986, B Honey is a local retail and wholesale store located along the backroad. Check out their selection of regular and flavored honey, pure beeswax candles, skin care products, hand sewn items, apple cider vinegar, and beekeeping supplies.
  • When in Amish country, don’t miss out on custom handmade Amish furniture from local Amish woodcrafters.


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