Tacos, Tacos, Tacos!

If you’ve been to LaGrange County before, you know you’ll find great food. Anything from fried chicken, pork tenderloin, brisket sandwiches, you name it! And endless restaurants to try all of the local flavor. But no one ever thinks about the tacos… that’s right, I said tacos! And it’s not just the ground beef ones with lettuce and cheese that you get at Taco Bell (although one of those every now and then will do). Around here you can find anything from steak, chicken, chorizo, and even brisket, wrapped in a corn or flour tortilla, or even multiple tortillas, topped with onion and cilantro, or lettuce and cheese, maybe with guacamole… Okay, you get it there’s endless combinations. But where do you find all these delicious little Mexican treats?

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Now, I will say, I’m not a professional food critic, but I have ate enough tacos in my life to know a good one when I taste it. I mean I eat tacos almost weekly, it’s a problem… But for starters, one of the newest creations comes from Fireside Café. You may have had a smoked brisket sandwich here before, but what about a brisket taco?! It gets better, the brisket is wrapped in a double tortilla with cheese between the shells, topped with lettuce, onion, cheese, and chipotle sour cream. Also, if you’ve traveled down State Road 5 in Shipshewana, you probably passed a Mexican Restaurant named El Zorrito 2, and yes, there is an El Zorrito 1 that’s in Topeka. Both of them are a great place for a meal, especially if you’re craving something a little different. They offer a full menu of Mexican style food, which of course includes tacos, however you want them.

Take the ten minute drive over to LaGrange, and there’s even more great options. The best kept secret is George’s Taco Shack. A building located in front of his house on a country road, with what some people are the best tacos around! Just like you would expect that are authentic and he has a variety of options on what to get. He’s only open on Saturday’s, making it that much more special when you do make it over that way. Head into town in LaGrange and you’ll find Courtside and Hector’s, two authentic Mexican restaurants that make more of that style tacos (with onion and cilantro, my favorite).

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One place I haven’t tried, but many locals rave about, is a taco stand in Mongo. You’re probably wondering where Mongo is. It’s a really small, but really cool town east of LaGrange, and apparently have the exact type of tacos that appeal to me, of course the authentic kind. When you finish up there, then you can work off the calories with a kayak ride at the Trading Post. It’s made it on my list of the next place I need to go for lunch, but don’t wait for me to review it, you need to try it for yourself!

When you come to the area, I of course would suggest to eat some fried chicken, mashed potatoes, pies, you know, all the good healthy stuff. But don’t forget that there’s always more than what you think. I’m sure you can find tacos where you’re from too, but you have to give these places a try, you definitely won’t regret it!

Oh, and by the way, it just so happens that Indiana’s Cool North Taco Wars are going on right now! So, that’s even more reason to go try some of these great taco restaurants. Once you do that, go to VisitShipshewana.org to vote for your favorite tacos to determine who has the best in LaGrange County. Then, the winner of that will go head to head against 6 other counties in Northern Indiana to see who the best of them all is. So, make sure you’re voting every 24 hours to let the best tacos be discovered!Image may contain: text