What Do The Shipshewana Auction & Amusement Parks Have in Common?

Family time is meant to be fun, exciting, and memorable.

For those reasons, many families choose to spend a day at an amusement park.

But, have you ever considered spending quality family time at Wednesday’s Shipshewana Auction? This event is an equally fun way to create family memories while also inducing excitement for all.

It’s a little strange to think about, but upon further consideration, a day at a park and a day at the auction both hold adventure in their own ways. However, after considering what each setting offers, one might just choose the less apparent but equally unforgettable option of attending the Shipshewana Auction:

The Excitement & Energy.

If people go to amusement parks for anything, they go for the rides. Roller coasters induce heart-stopping excitement and release adrenaline any thrill-seeking junkie would desire.

But when the ride ends, you’re left with Susie crying in fear, husband Hank holding his neck, son Seth retching on the sidewalk, and yourself asking, “I paid HOW MUCH for this?”

At the Shipshewana Auction, you can experience a similar adrenaline rush.

From the ten auctioneers lilting their songs simultaneously, to the thrill of the hunt for that perfect find and the win of the bid, everyone will be pleased. Susie will be unafraid, husband will be pain-free, son will not be sick, and you’ll be proclaiming, “I only paid this much for that antique dresser! What a ride!”

The People.

At the amusement park, you see all shapes, sizes, and personalities. This setting is the perfect place to people watch. There’s the two-headed man with the beard on his back, the mean woman jerking her child’s arm out of his socket, and those teenagers sneaking to the front of the line you’ve been waiting in for the past two hours. You’ll find yourself so intrigued you’ll think, “Now, where did I put my pepper spray?”

You’ll see all shapes and sizes at the Shipshewana auction, too. The Amish family is there, Papa bidding on a two-person saw, little Jacob carrying an antique churn to the buggy, and the twin girls with braids hugging their mama’s dress. Mr. Smith from nearby Kendallville has been coming for 50 years, and he has his eye on a German cuckoo clock made in 1913. Mrs. Jenkins from Mississippi brought items from a family member’s estate to sell. A clean-cut teen is peddling fresh pretzels. As you step back and watch these down-to-earth folks smiling as they walk by, you’ll think, “I might just make a new friend today!”


As if pictures, people, and ten-dollar hot dogs weren’t enough of a souvenir at the amusement park, everyone HAS to take home an artifact by which to remember their day. Susie found a stuffed unicorn whose horn is already tearing off. Seth found a rubber football with his favorite superhero emblem in a clearance bin for $25.00. Husband Hank doesn’t necessarily want anything, but he is starting to get a headache from the sun, so he purchases some $5.00 sunglasses for a mere $27.50. You’ll be so happy you’ll be telling yourself, “Oh, I can’t WAIT to get home and work overtime to pay for these items!”

You’ll find some great souvenirs at the Shipshewana Auction as well, and everyone will be just as thrilled at their lucky find.

Little Susie can purchase an antique doll that comes with its own hairbrush; she dropped it once and it didn’t even break! Son Seth discovered an entire wheelbarrow of balls for only $7.50! One ball is perfect for the pool back at the hotel, one he can give to best friend Bobby, and one has a picture of Batman on it—just like the one on the cartoons he watches! Husband Hank? Well, he needs no sunglasses because 1) he has no headache; and 2) the auction is indoors. You’ll be so happy you’ll be telling yourself, “I might just get to purchase that shelf over there AND still keep a fifty-dollar bill in my wallet, too!”

Family Bonding.

Ultimately, spending the day at the amusement park is all about being together as a family, creating warm memories, and sharing a few laughs, right?

Ten years from now, the family will be sitting around the dinner table reminiscing about the time you shared together: How little Susie got stung by her first bee when she took a bite of ice cream; how Seth got lost and everyone looked for him for 1 ½ hours; how husband, along with the headache, got a doozy of a sunburn; and how you were stalked for half a day by someone dressed up in a duck suit. You’ll find the experience so meaningful you’ll ask yourself, “Why did I EVER say yes to going to an amusement park?”

Spending the day at the Shipshewana Auction creates some fun-loving family moments, too, moments for which you won’t mind creating a special page in your scrapbook of memories.

Susie doesn’t get stung, and husband doesn’t get sunburnt, because both are shielded by the indoor events; Seth only thinks he’s lost because he can’t find you, but you certainly can see him across the room. The only thing stalking you is that table of antique jewelry and dishes. Wow, wouldn’t that gold pendant look great on your scarf you grabbed up over on aisle four?

Amusement parks really can be fun—if you can stand the heat, the cost, and the rides.

Auctions can be fun, too, if you can stand the thrill of the hunt, the fun of the find, and the ride of a lifetime.

Click here to see and hear what awaits YOU on a Wednesday morning at the Shipshewana Auction!