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It’s common curiosity to compare our normal traditions to those of another culture, which is why we get asked this question often: Do Amish celebrate Easter? The short answer is yes, but their activities and traditions may be different than what your family is used to.

On Good Friday, you’ll find Amish families taking a day of rest. Many Amish will fast for part of the day and use the time for reflection. Saturday follows with a day full of preparation for Sunday, cleaning the house and starting meals.

On Sunday, the day begins like any other week at their church service, but a heavy message on the reason for Easter. When they return home, it’s a day of family gathering. You’ll find children hiding and hunting Easter eggs. Even though they don’t believe in the Easter bunny, they still have fun with the activity. Kids can also be found coloring boiled eggs to be eaten with dinner.

Many Amish also observe Easter Monday with another day of rest and reflection. On Tuesday, schedules will return to normal.

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