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Are you a Picker? A Home-Improvement Guru? Landscaper? An Antique-Hunter? A DIY’er?

Whatever the hands-on hobby, if you like to get your hands dirty, Shipshewana’s for you!

Everyone knows that Shipshewana is home to the Midwest’s Largest Flea Market (opening for the season on April 30th.) Fewer people know that the Flea Market location (Shipshewana Trading Place) is home to WEEKLY AUCTIONS, all-year long. Every Wednesday at 8am you can stop in to take a look at everything that will be up for bid, and then at 9am you can bid on anything in at least six simultaneous auctions (sometimes there are double that amount.) It’s a sight to behold. And hear.

Find things like: vintage pieces, antique furniture, metals signs, decor, books, tools, farm equipment, toys, collectibles, and so much more.


But that’s just the beginning!

Here’s a quick round-up of places to look if you love to look for STUFF.


In Shipshewana:


In Middlebury:


In LaGrange: 



Forewarned is forearmed!

Now go out and plot, plan, shop, dig, pick, and bid your little heart out!

Antique auction


Planning a Trip?
Stop by the Visitor's Center for local tips, referrals, FREE coupon books and visitor's guides. We are located at 350 S Van Buren St.