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Horse Progress Days

Event Starts
Friday, Jun 30 2023 @ 8:00 am
Event Ends
Saturday, Jul 1 2023

General Coordinator Lynn Miller 574-821-1543

Mission Statement: To encourage and promote the combination of animal power and the latest equipment innovations in an effort to support sustainable small-scale farming and land stewardship. To show draft animal power is possible, practical, and profitable.


8:00 am | Opening (You don’t want to miss this!)

9:00 am | Field Demonstrations traditionally begin with manure spreaders to be followed by plows and all tillage equipment.

9:00 am | Produce Demonstrations Plows and tillage, roto tillage, transplanting, cultivators, sprayers, mulch lifter, irrigation and more.

Noon | Lunch Break & International Guest Recognition Visit with our international guests, join us in welcoming them and hearing some of their stories.

1:00 pm | Haying Demonstrations Hay demonstrations traditionally begin with mowers from small to large, to be followed by rakes and balers, bale movers and wrappers.

5:00 pm Friday • 4:00 pm Saturday | Breed Presentation Seminars A variety of seminars will take place in the main seminar area, the round pen, the produce and homemaker areas. A more complete schedule will be available at the gate upon entry.

GOLF CARTS, GATORS, and ALL SUCH VEHICLES are PROHIBITED at Horse Progress Days. There will be conveyances available to shuttle those who have difficulty walking from place to place. The National and Local Boards of Directors of Horse Progress Days respectfully request that NO DRONES of any kind be launched from the lands where the event is being held, or from adjoining lands, for the purpose of picture taking or for any other reason with the exception of the Horse Progress Days designated official photographer. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are strictly prohibited! Please throw all trash in the proper receptacles.

Why do we have Horse Progress Days?

To encourage and promote the combination of animal power and the latest equipment innovations in an effort to support small-scale farming and land stewardship. To show Draft Animal Power is possible, practical, and profitable. This is the official mission statement of the annual horse farming event known as Horse Progress Days. Because of the success of Horse Progress Days, its 25-year history, and its history of attracting crowds of 30,000 and up, it is becoming more customary to think of horses and progress alongside one another. This idea of using horses to affect progress in farming is not new. From early in the history of mankind up until the turn of the century from the 19th to 20th, and even through the transition to combustible engine power by the end of WWII, it was taken for granted that the God-given gift of draft animal power would forever be a part of farms everywhere. And then came the tractor.


Michiana Event Center (MEC)
455 E Farver Street
Shipshewana, IN 46565

Contact Info
Phone: 260-768-3300