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The Christmas Candy Caper

Event Starts
Thursday, Nov 9 2023
Event Ends
Saturday, Dec 30 2023

Oh, you’d better not cry wolf…

After years of playing pranks on her family and friends, Candy Shop owner Lydia Miller experiences real-life holiday danger when two men break into her shop to steal her coveted candy recipe. But what began as a burglary, quickly escalates into a kidnapping when the burglars, rebuffed by Lydia and told much the town loves her and will come after them if they harm her in any way, figure they can make far more money in ransom pay.

Unfortunately, being the Amish girl who cried wolf once too often, the town believes the note is just another one of Lydia’s pranks and they pay it no mind. This leads to a hilarious back and forth between the kidnappers, the police chief, the bishop, the mayor, and various family members and friends, all trying to get a better bargain for Lydia. Or, instead of cash, would the kidnappers take livestock? Bales of hay? Pie?

Now the kidnappers are stuck with a victim that no one seems to want back.

Lydia can’t believe that no one is willing to pay the ransom, or even come see about her. She tries to convince the kidnappers that she really is a good person, and people really do love her. They try to convince her the same about them. Neither Lydia nor the kidnappers’ life turned out the way they expected. They all decide to change course. All they want for Christmas is to celebrate it with their loved ones again.

Just when they are at their lowest point, the townspeople break down the door and “rescue” Lydia. The townspeople apologize for not believing her, but some ways, it was her own fault. She agrees and forgives them, promising no more pranks. The police chief wants her to press charges, but Lydia forgives her kidnappers, wanting to give them a second chance at making better decisions, too. The police chief understands, but says that’ll be up to the courts.

The musical ends with her almost playing another prank, but she catches herself. She truly has changed. Maybe…


Blue Gate Music Hall
175 N Van Buren St
Shipshewana, IN 46565

Price and Ticket Info

Tickets available June 16, 2023 @ 10:00 am

Contact Info
Phone: 888-447-4725