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Amish, Mennonite, and other Christian denominations all regard Good Friday and Easter as important days in their religious calendars. On Good Friday you’ll find that many government entities, banks, and offices are closed for the holiday, and Amish businesses will be closed as well.

Amish who work outside of the Amish community may take Good Friday off if they work in an industry that does not shut down for the holiday, like construction or manufacturing. Good Friday is spent reading scripture, fasting, and praying together with family. Just as on Sundays, as well as Easter Sunday, they will spend the day at church and with family, assuring that the day is about their traditions and their faith.


The differences between Amish Easter traditions and non-Amish become more apparent when you compare the non-religious aspects of Easter Sunday in the United States. While Amish children may decorate eggs or baskets, they don’t have an Easter Bunny, or baskets full of candy or toys, and they do not dress up for church or special Easter events like many Christian households do. They adhere to the same basic wardrobe all year-round (additions for cold weather, obviously) and holidays make no difference, as they wear what they would always wear to church, which is typically nicer and newer than workday clothing.


Sonshine BasketsAmish communities are wonderful sources for hand-made baskets, which are constructed and sold all year long. There are several different types of baskets woven, carved, or built in and around Shipshewana, and if the upcoming Easter holidays have inspired you to track down some new baskets for your family’s Easter celebrations, hand-made Amish baskets are a perfect choice. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they’re well-made, and will stand the test of time.

To get started on your basket hunt, consider Sonshine Baskets… who carry not only traditional baskets, but many other types as well. They have baskets for household utility or decor, baskets for bikes, picnic baskets, virtually any type of basket you could think of, and in a plethora of shapes, sizes, colors, and custom options like fabric liners.

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