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Pajama Day was held on Saturday (Feb. 3rd) throughout the town of Shipshewana. The day-long event features sales at many of Shipshewana’s locally-owned businesses. This year, over 30 storefronts participated in the pajamas only sale.

Some make it a time to meet up and catch up with friends. “We’ve been coming for the last three-or-so years,” said Heather, a pajama-clad shopper from Fort Wayne.

She was there with a group of her friends, who all said they love the tradition. Heather, and her friend Jeannie, both said they enjoy taking the time to come up to Shipshewana. The pair of friends had connected while they both were living in Bremen, before Heather moved to Fort Wayne. Pajama Day gives them a chance to catch up and catch some great deals, all while wearing their cozy pajamas.

“It’s so much fun to come see all the things on sale. The things here for sale aren’t typically things you can just find anywhere else,” she said. “And, the deals on JoJo’s are always worth it.”

JoJo’s Pretzels was, perhaps, one of the busiest stores inside Davis Mercantile as people who had been shopping all around town made a quick pit-stop for the buy-one get-one free pretzels. Outside the mercantile, shoppers meandered up and down Van Buren Street between the different store fronts throughout the morning. Most sales began at the earliest crack of dawn, with many stores opening their doors, and most significant discounts, at 5 a.m.

“We weren’t out here that early,” said Heather. “We were coming over to JoJo’s to get some pretzels, but we got sidetracked here (at Davis Mercantile).” Heather, Jeannie and a third friend who preferred not to comment were all smiles as they talked about their different purchases and planned where to go next with a childlike excitement.

It’s something that many store owners have seen at Pajama Day in the past, and they hope it will continue in the future.

“I think it’s been a tradition for a lot of people,” said Jody Herschberger, an employee at Shipshewana Popcorn Company. “It’s a nice winter getaway.”

Shipshewana Popcorn Company, formerly known as Dutch Kernel, recently had their ribbon-cutting on their rebrand but that didn’t stop them from seeing a steady flow of business. Jody and Carolyn said they had seen steady business, as people stopped into the shop near downtown Shipshewana.

Perhaps, Shipshewana is a town of traditions. Amid the Pajama Day sales tradition was another family custom on the lower level of the Davis Mercantile. Rick and Barb Rassi are local musicians. The husband and wife have been a duo for 15 years, and their sound amplified the relaxed and happy-go-lucky environment of the mercantile. The couple said they enjoy Pajama Day, and a return for the duo is not out of the question.

However, what is for sure is next year’s date for Pajama Day, which has already been set by the LaGrange County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau. According to Miranda Beverly, Communications and P.R. Manager at the CVB, and the CVB’s website, Pajama Day 2025 will be held on February 1.

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