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It’s officially Spring in Northern Indiana!

That means it’s time to get to planting and pruning and plotting and potting!


One of the first plant and gardening goods stops we always recommend is, of course, the Largest Flea Market in the Midwest. They have produce, plants, and gardening areas, and stock changes from week to week, so you can always find something new! The Flea Market officially opens for the season on April 30th, so start planning your shopping trip now.

And that’s just to start! If you love small Amish nurseries, shops, and greenhouses with beautiful plants and knowledgeable customer service, make sure you make the rounds before you start your spring planting!

Check out our curated, local, small-town options, and leave those big box stores with sad plants in the dust.


In Shipshewana:

In Howe:

In Topeka:

In LaGrange:

In Middlebury:


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