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3 Key Elements

You could say that the family farm behind Yoder’s Meat & Cheese has been ahead of the curve for decades. Four generations of cattle farmers and smart farming practices have culminated in both a popular retail space and a successful agri-business.

Yoder’s Meat & Cheese is located at 435 S. Van Buren Street and is not only a trusted meat supplier, but is a special destination shopping spot for those who travel here just to buy smoked meats, artisan goods, or one of their over 80 types of cheese!

A recent post on Facebook by Yoder’s Meat & Cheese celebrating National Cowboy Day (the fourth Saturday in July), eloquently explained how they set themselves apart:

“National Cowboy Day has a different meaning to our Yoder’s family. We believe there are 3 key elements that go into raising top quality cattle and set us apart from the herd:

1. Genetics
2. Natural Nutrition
3. Animal Comfort

The ‘farm to table’ movement is something we have been championing for over 50 years. We believe in providing cattle with a low-stress environment. Through our slow, daily interactions with our cattle, we are able to check and evaluate each animal carefully without adding any stress. We still enjoy the good ole fashioned cowboy way of saddling up our horses, caring for our cattle, and watching the sun go down!
As for the nutrition of our cattle, we use a method called “rotational grazing” to keep pastures lush and our cattle fed with quality feed.

Rotational grazing is the practice of taking large pastures and making them smaller and then rotating the cattle from one pasture to the next. It helps us avoid overgrazing the land and improves soil, plant, and animal health. Our ‘resting’ pastures recover and develop deeper root systems.

When it comes to cowboying, we’ve known the ropes for 4 generations. Hats off to that!”


Amazing, right? Rotational grazing is good for the land, the animals, and the future of that farming space. And if you mosey on over to their website, you’ll find out how truly innovative they can be. Read more about how they innovated a sanitizing process that became USDA approved and industry standard here.  Yoder’s Meat is now both a USDA certified and Organic certified meat processor in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Stop by and shop at Yoder’s Meat & Cheese and taste the difference for yourself!

All the Info

• Yoder’s Meats & Cheese is a Specialty Grocery Store with Meats, Cheese, Artisan Foods, All-Natural Healthy products, Premium Steaks and more.
• Located at 435 S Van Buren St, Shipshewana, IN
• Phone (260) 768-4715 or email [email protected] for more info.
• Website:
• Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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Stop by the Visitor's Center for local tips, referrals, FREE coupon books and visitor's guides. We are located at 350 S Van Buren St.