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Carrie Miller is the Store Manager of Rise’n Roll Bakery located at 1065 N. 1150 W. (right on the corner of 1150 & SR 20.) The incredibly popular bakery is a Middlebury institution, located right outside of Shipshewana. A favorite of visitors and locals alike, Rise’n Roll is the home of the beloved Cinnamon Caramel Donut, recently voted the FAN FAVORITE DONUT in America’s Greatest Donut Contest!

Carrie is hard-working, kind, thoughtful, funny, and truly dedicated to her job and her co-workers. Read more about her and the story of Rise n’ Roll below!

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I have lived in the Shipshewana area my whole life. I have three children, I started working for Rise’n Roll Bakery in 2020. I have enjoyed my relationships with my coworkers and all our customers. It’s a joy talking with all the customers that come to visit us from all over the US. I am thankful and very blessed.

Q: Can you tell everyone more about Rise’n Roll?

A: “Big ideas have small beginnings.” Rise’n Roll’s history began in 2001 in Shipshewana, Indiana. A young Amish couple began baking recipes handed down in the woman’s family for generations. They sold baked goods from their front porch.

Over the years, they worked on perfecting the recipes, until in 2004 they opened the first Rise’n Roll Bakery in Middlebury, Indiana. The original bakery did not use any electricity, refrigeration, or modern technology. All the mixing, sheeting, and prepping was done entirely by hand.

In 2009, the Amish owner sold the company to a non-Amish family. The new owners moved the bakery into a much larger facility. The original Amish owner stayed employed at Rise’n Roll and franchising began. Still doing things the “old fashioned way”, and blessing customers, one at a time.

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Q: What is the most interesting thing you get to see or do in your professional life?

A: The most interesting thing I get to do professionally at Rise’n Roll is build on my current relationships and begin new ones. Rise’n Roll has also been a major contributor to my growth professionally. They have given me the opportunity to contribute to the continuous growth of our amazing company and I am very grateful for that.

Q: Is there anything coming up in 2024 that you’re particularly excited about?

A: I am very excited about our Customer Appreciation Day that is coming up on May 18, 2024. We will be offering free food, activities for the family, giveaways, and $1.00 ring donuts!

Q: What are you surprised that people do not know about Shipshewana/Middlebury (Amish Country)?

A: The slow pace feel of living out in the country and in our area.

Q: What do you love about living and/or working here?

A: My favorite part about working in this area is without a doubt the people I work with, as well as the many people I come across from working in retail. It’s interesting to talk with them, hear where they are from and what they think about our community.

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