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Oatmeal Cake has been around for a very long time, and it sometimes referred to as a heritage recipe. It became a regular household staple after Quaker Oats started printing a version of it on their Old Fashioned Oats and Quick Oats containers in 1950, calling it the Lazy Daisy cake, because it was so easy to make. There are also versions using a yellow cake mix, as well, and it’s said that the first public version of the Oatmeal Cake recipe was printed in 1914. The most important part of this cake, arguably, is the delicious topping. Instead of frosting or icing, this cake has a crunchy, coconut-ty topping mix that is toasted and caramelized under a broiler.

Well-known Shipshewana Chef, Baker, Caterer, Restauranter, Farmer, and Entrepreneur Shawna Rae is sharing her recipe for her delicious Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cake. Shawna is known for putting her own (usually tastier) spin on things, as well as using all natural ingredients. This time of year is perfectly suited for a warm, comforting recipe like this, and this gorgeous cake expertly toes the line between dessert and breakfast, as well as being simple to make, so there’s no real reason NOT to make it and have it for both.

This is just one of the delicious things produced by the owner of Shawna Rae’s, so make sure you stop by and try some of her other delicious meals and bakery items! And keep a look out for the opening of The Black Sheep From Scratch Kitchen, Shawna Rae’s new restaurant, located next to Shawna Rae’s in Shipshewana’s amazing Downtown Shopping District.

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