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Spring in Shipshewana offers a fresh and colorful array of fun and fascinating activities. As the weather warms and nature awakens, visitors are invited to explore the rich tapestry of experiences this quaint town has to offer. From strolling through the bustling aisles of the Shipshewana Flea Market to enjoying horse-drawn wagon tours through the picturesque countryside, there’s no shortage of ways to immerse oneself in the beauty and culture of the region. Enjoy these five things to do in spring in Shipshewana; they promise to be unforgettable experiences for all who visit.

1. A Must Visit: The Midwest’s Largest Flea Market!

People at a flea marketExplore the Shipshewana Flea Market: As the LARGEST flea markets in the Midwest, it offers a treasure trove of goods, from antiques to crafts to fresh produce. Spring is a perfect time to browse, check out the newest vendors, and find all kinds of unique items to take home.

The Flea Markets regular schedule is Tuesdays and Wednesdays (April 30th thru September for 2024) with special added weekend hours once a month and/or for holidays.

Tip: Check the schedule for special events and the open day dates.

2. Enjoy the fun and beauty of Dutch Creek Farm

Dutch Creek Animal Farm ZebraLittle girl holding duckTake an animal experience wagon tour! Enjoy a leisurely ride in a horse-drawn wagon through Dutch Creek Farm in the picturesque countryside, where you can get up close and feed the amazing mix of domestic and exotic animals.

There’s also a picnic area, a playground, and an entire walking path full of birds, smaller animals, and newborns! It’s a fun and hands-on way to take in the area’s beauty as nature comes to life in spring.


Tip: Make sure to see all the springtime babies at the farm and bring a camera to catch the cuteness.

Share your photos! #visitshipshewana

3. Explore the Rich Anabaptist Heritage at Menno-Hof Cultural Museum

Menno-Hof Amish & Mennonite Story building

This interactive museum offers insight into the history and culture of the Anabaptists, and how they evolved into three different communities.

The Menno-Hof operates during daytime business hours, with narrated tours, so make sure you plan your visit! It’s a fascinating experience for those interested in learning about the area’s heritage. This museum will help you learn everything about how, when, and why the Anabaptist community came to this area and called it home.

Tip: Don’t miss the gift shop, full of beautiful locally-made, handcrafted items.

4. Quilt Masterpieces: Explore the Barn Quilt Trail of LaGrange County

Barn quiltShipshewana’s recently expanded Barn Quilt Trail is just one of the many fascinating things to take in when you go Off the Beaten Path.  The trail is a delightful exploration of art and culture set against the backdrop of Indiana’s charming countryside. This unique trail showcases a vibrant collection of hand-painted wooden quilt squares, each adorning the sides of historic barns and buildings throughout the Shipshewana and LaGrange County area.

The trail offers visitors a chance to appreciate the intricate designs and rich history behind each quilt square while also providing a scenic tour of the Amish farms and rural landscapes that define the region. Whether you’re a quilting enthusiast or an art lover, the Barn Quilt Trail and Off the Beaten Path offer a road trip filled with color, creativity, and local charm.

Tip: Make sure you try the brand-new Off the Beaten Path AUDIO Tour, via Spotify, or stop in to the Visitor’s Center for a FREE USB drive or CD!

5. Get Outside in LaGrange County, Indiana

Bicyclists on Pumpkinvine TrailGo birdwatching in LaGrange County. With the arrival of spring, migratory birds return to the area. Grab your binoculars and head to one of the nearby nature preserves or parks for some prime birdwatching opportunities.

Take a bike ride on the Pumpkinvine Trail, the scenic bike trail that winds through beautiful farmland and countryside landscapes. Rent a bike or bring your own to explore the area at your own pace. Don’t forget that in the Spring the amazing landscaped Quilt Gardens begin to come to life. Find out more here!

Check out our many local campgrounds and kayak rental locations to plan a multi-day outdoor adventure!

Tip: Check out Nature Unlimited in Topeka the unique store and greenhouse specializing in in purple martin houses, feeders, and supplies. Read more about why the Amish love Purple Martins here!

T & L Country Canoes, LLCSpring is an ideal time to immerse yourself in the Amish way of life. Take a guided tour of Amish farms, visit Amish-owned businesses, or simply drive through the countryside and admire the picturesque farms and buggies. Shipshewana and the surrounding area host various spring festivals and events, celebrating everything from local food to arts and crafts. Check the event calendar to see what’s happening during your visit. A springtime visit to Indiana’s Amish Country should definitely make your road trip bucket list with these things to do this wonderful time of year in Shipshewana.

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