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Artisans & Craftsman

Patience and craftmanship are prized in LaGrange County, which helps explain why these communities are known for well-crafted furniture, quilts, hand-loomed rugs, wood crafts, leather goods, and pottery, as well as hand-made foods, ice cream, and candy and so much more. A visit here means a unique opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and learn how things are made, and how much time and skill go into the creation of the local pieces that people love.


  • Meet the real people behind the looms and kilns.
  • Find unique shopping, gifts, decor, and souvenirs.
  • Discover roadside gardens and produce stands.
  • Watch demonstrations of leather making, rug weaving, and pottery wheels.
  • Talk to the craftsman who fashion custom wood furniture and cabinetry.
  • Tour studios, workshops, and stores.
  • Stock up on jams, noodles, cheeses, jerky, and other locally produced treats to take home.
  • Meet the inspiring people who’ve turned their skills and products into a thriving family business!


Shipshewana is a small, walkable town, and within it you can find many artisan shops. Shopping areas in town include the Shipshewana Flea Market (see their schedule for days and hours) Yoder’s Barn Shoppes, Eash Sales, Davis Mercantile, and the Downtown Shopping District (which Davis Mercantile is part of.)

If you’re seeking out wares from local artists, these locations are where you should start:

  • Riverwood Pottery – Local artist Jesse Woodworth is a potter and creates sculpture and exceptionally creative custom coffee mugs.
  • Teaberry on Morton St. – Local Mennonite LaVern Miller and his family make incredible carved wooded baskets and dozens of other beautiful decorative wood products.
  • Cherry Pickers – In addition to a shop full of antiques, reclaimed objects, this local family company also build furniture and cabinetry from reclaimed and live-edge wood.
  • Scherger’s Kettle – Amish home-made, small-batch jellies, jams, salsas, and pie fillings made in the old, traditional ways.
  • Victorian Candy Company – Amish family that makes their own homemade flavored fudge and other candies. Watch their famous Brickle-Brackle being made!
  • Aunt Millie’s Candy & Nuts – Delicious chocolates, freshly roasted nuts, saltwater taffy, fudge, caramels, crunch, and seasoned pretzels mean that you’ll find something for everyone!


Just outside of Shipshewana, you’ll come across fantastic finds at:

  • Lambright Country Chimes – A family-owned, 20-year-old company that produces individually crafted wind chimes guaranteed for a lifetime. Visitors welcome!
  • B Honey & Candles – Amish beekeeper since 1986, harvesting honey and creating most products on site.
    Beeswax candles, flavored honey, skin care products and more!
  • Silver Star Leather –  Amish leather-working family create handmade leather pieces from belts, to wallets, and purses, as well as products in other exotic materials.
  • Leanna’s Quilts – Amish home/shop selling handmade quilts. Custom orders and custom quilts available!
  • Teaberry Wood Products – Workshop and home-based store for LaVern Miller’s incredible carved wooded baskets and other handmade decorative wood products.
  • B&L Woodcrafts – Amish hand-crafted items from large outdoor furniture and playsets, as well as smaller items like baskets and more.
  • Country Lane Bakery – Baked goods, made from scratch, this Amish family-owned business also grinds the flour fresh before each batch of whole grain bread.
  • Dutch Country Market – Watch busy bees in their hive, and noodles being made from scratch at the home of Katie’s Homemade Noodles and Dutch Country Honey.
  • Heritage Ridge Creamery – Watch cheese making and buy the cheeses made right on site at this 40-year fixture in the Amish community that works with a century-old dairy farmer’s cooperative.
  • Brandenberry Furniture – Amish furniture hand-made by expert artisans who draw from skills handed down from their ancestors, along with modern-day innovations.

If you venture a little further out to Topeka, you’ll find:

  • Carolyn’s Kitchen – 20 flavors of Amish homemade jams – all with NO sugar or artificial sweeteners added.
  • Yoder’s Rug Weaving – Hand-loomed colorful rugs, table runners, and more, all made by the Yoder family, and you can even see how the the items are made on a loom.
  • Sonshine Baskets – This Amish family works together weaving handwoven baskets, featuring real leather handles and fabric liners, with 70+ styles in several stain colors.
  • Owl Toy Craft – This backroads Amish toy maker has a shop full of wonderful wooden toys, trains, dolls, tractors and marble toys. Perfect toys that will last a lifetime!

If you’d like to travel the backroads and visit ALL of the local artisans, check out the Off the Beaten Path map, that contains listings for over 120 Amish shops throughout LaGrange County!

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